pinkhairedhornet said: Is ass eating your new profession?


I sent a client an HD video, created at the customary HD 16:9 aspect ratio. 

Client: Please send me a 4:3 thumbnail of the video. 

Me: Okay, sure.

I cut a 3:4 thumbnail out of the 16:9 one and sent it. 

Client: I can’t see the whole screen! Please send a 4:3 thumbnail that preserves the 16:9 aspect ratio of the video. 

Me: Okay sure. 

I letterbox the thumbnail so the total image is 4:3 but the 16:9 aspect ratio of the video is preserved. 

Client: Great! Now can you just make the image a teeny bit taller on the top and bottom to get rid of the black bars? 

I resent the 16:9 thumbnail. The client had no further requests.

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Anonymous said: I am the anon from before and I just bought 12 stickers fuck yeah

that’s a lotta stickers
find out how many it would take to coat an entire wall in them
(hint: a whole bunch)



All you have to do is make .gifs of yourself wearing an ill fitting suit and, like, a fucking bow tie or w/e and it’s like this whole website creams itself


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Anonymous said: Hello yes is there a limit to the amount of things you can order from the THAC store?

the sky is the limit

Anonymous said: magic anon u can only speak in memes for 30000174892838282 hours








tumblr you can keep your glorified nostalgia about the wild thornberries and tony hawk’s pro skater and getting to hold the flea-ridden stuffed lion during the d.a.r.e program and what have you because THIS right here.  now THIS was the essence of the 90s


oh man it took me literally 2 seconds of this video to remember exactly how the rest of it went

I hated this commercial. Turns out I still hate it.


I CAN’T FUCKING STOP LAUGHING its as awful as i remembered it

i cant quite explain this commercial and how it came back to me like

i couldnt remember the exact words by heart but. everything they said chimed in my head like a song i’d heard a long time ago. it was almost rhythmic, buried deep in my memory. it was probably the most bizarre way ive ever remembered something.

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Anonymous said: My white male co-worker just told me that "stereotypes exist for a reason," and I don't know how to deal with that. help me tim

invent your own stereotypes and see if he believes them, i.e. “gays only eat unfrosted pop tarts”


Me and the TARDIS!!!!! I love Dr. Who!!!!!

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Stupid questions


Stupid questions

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